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President Speech

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barkathahu !

Al-hamdulillah ! by the grace of allah �this organisation is serving the poor and the distressed people of our society since 7th december 2007. I am the part of the society where the majority of the people residing in villages and towns are living below the poverty line and even they dont have basic necessities of life. Now let us take a look of the life of the people living in cities, where unfortunetly living conditions are much different. If we examine their family size ,we find a very painfull situation where in a small rented house, the husband and their wife with their children living with a very low earning.

In todays world where inflation is at its peek, it is impossible for them to pay for their electricity, childrens education,childrens marriage and any medical treatemt of any family member. See , how will the head of the family be able to provide for the needs of his children?? The result :he take finance with intrest from financer. He is not to blamed , beacause he is responsible to provide three meal a day for his family and he is forced to use the wrong anti-social activities to fullfill his family needs.

Undoubtly, the poor and the needy are help less. I spends time with them and is fully aware of their problem and weekness, yherefore i want to help them in such a way to develop from shildhood to provide value education. Why because “education- a golden key that opens up whole new world of opportimuty , yet millions of the underpriviliged are deprived of the same, especially the children. In the journey of their life time, they walk in the narrow path of illiteracy, ignorance and poverity� In view of all, I decided to start a education institute in the name of “Syed Ali Preeran Educational and Charitable Trust� my initiative in the form of this trust is only a significiant effort to repay the society that has hurted me.

- Janab Syed Mohammad Jamalullah Zuhoori B.Com, President

New Madarasa Project

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once had several coins that he asked his wife to distribute in charity but due to the prophet’s (pbuh) illness at the time, she did not have an opportunity to give out the coins. When the prophet (pubh) learned of this, he asked for the coins, he placed them in his hand, and said “what would alley’s prophet think if he were to meet Allah, who is great and glorious, while (still) possessing these?��At �tirmidhi, hadith 586 We would like to furnish before you regarding our new madrasa project the management of land and in a maids about one a care vacant land proposed to construct super structure building for the accomadation to the students who are studying the following Islamic religious courses i.e., more

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