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About Trust

The Syed Ali Peeran Educational and Charitable Trust, is a legally constituted registered educational charitable Trust. The trust is guided by t he vision of one man, whose initiative has extended in setting up our foundation. Janab Syed Mohammad Jamalullah Zuhoori, is the founder of SAP trust. He is an accounting graduated and also great Sufi, motivator having hundreds of followers in our nation and also aboard. Trust established in 2007, it has been formed to ensure the provision of the religions principle education with general, commercial and technical education, medication, messing and jobs to the minority, downtrodden section of society. We dream that everyone in India has access to his own choice of education, everyone gets proper medical assistance and everyone has a job to earn after studies. So many peoples and organizations are heartily working to achieve this dream. but still here is a long way to go .SAP trust is all about giving them a chance to be educated to become leader of our society, to be healthy and to be with a job who wish but cannot due to being weaker economically.

Founder Family Background

Syed Ali peeran Sha Qadari Makki (R.A) trust was established by Janab Syed Mohammed Jamalullah Zuhoori at K.KRISHNA PURAM OF V.KOTA Mandal. Their family has great philanthropy history and his great grandfather Sufi Saint Aali Janab Hazrath Syed Ali peeran shah Qadari Makki Rahamathullahi Alai, who according to the local migrated from Makka Mukarama of Saudi Arabia 350 years ago came to India and resided at Vellore Town of Tamil Nadu. He was graceful about the people who were came to him to seeking his help, and he does every thing in the favour of the General Public with eternal powers.

Legend has that Hazrath Syed Mohammad Ali peeran shah Qadari Makki (R.A.) once rescued a small boy who was died by falling a small lake. The boy’s father was a Nawab of the Walaja, region of that time namely SADATULLAHKHAN. He after losing his son came to Hazrath and prays and pleased to save his son. He there rescued the boy’s life by reciting some verses from the holy Quran along the banks of the small lake. Then the boy’s dead body was came out of the lake. After seeing his son’s dead body the Nawab Become very much sad beggarly cried at Hazrath to save his son and return back him alive. Then the Hazrath with very grace of the Almighty he prayed in the Dua of Almighty Allahu Thala. After some time of his praying the boy was become alive. The Nawab felt about the great Sufi saint who has saved his son’s life. He become an ardent follower of Islam and remained a dispel to the Hazrath with all of his family, relatives and his well wishers.

After Hazarth RahamathullahiaAlai passed away the large number of his disciples and the surrounding people are gathered and pay their homage to the great Sufi Saint. And after the funeral of Hazarth where the grave of him built a shrine (Mazar-E-Shariff) and built a Mosque nearby his Shrine. Now the mosque is in Saidapet, Vellore is properly known as Take ki Masjid.

The grandson of Hazrath’s was Hazarth Syed shah Mohammad Arifullah Zuhoori Chishtiul Qadari R.A was worked in Chittoor as a Government SarKhazi from 1954 to 1972.He is also a great Sufi Saint and also a man who was actively involved in public service. During his time there was a famine (Extreme shortage of food) in 1953 and it lasted for 7 years. Lack of drinking water, the people of the Chittoor town prayed to Almighty Allahutala for the sake of rains in all Mosques of the Chittoor town.But there was no rains, then the people went to Hazarath Syed Mohammad Arifullah Shah Qadri and requested to pray the Almighty Allahutala for the rains. Then Hazarath Syed Mohammad Arifullah Shah Qadri Zuhoori (R.A) went with his followers to the banks of the Neeva river, and on his very kindfull prayers to Allahutala, the town received full rain and fullfill of water neccessity.

Above said Syed Mohammed Arifullah Zuhoori (R.A) has three son’s .The elder one being Moulana Moulvi Syed Shah Mohammad Kamalullah Zuhoori Junaidi, working as Government Sarkhazi of Chittoor District. The second son Syed Mohammed Hammadullah Zuhoori working as a deputy secretary in the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat.

The Youngest of those two brothers Janab Syed Mohammed Jamalullah Zuhoori Qadari Mujaddadi was established Syed Ali peeran Charitable Trust To serve and educate the poor children’s to Grow up them and stand by them in the society as a respectable citizens. Through this Trust he has serving the community in large extent.

Why choose us

Why associate with SAP trust? Why donate?

In an word-VALUE
SAP trust is one of a small, but growing group of foundations that practice strategic philanthropy goes beyond charitable giving to focus on investing in the creation of social and economic value. Value is created when initiatives or practices promoted to boost economic prosperity, protect the society from going back to dark ages and improve the quality of life.

SAP trust practices a rigorous due diligences processes and uses clear performance metrics and milestones to evaluate investment and overall organization and performance. We create additional values by focusing on capacity building and documentation of social outcomes, particularly at the policy level. We apply the same value creation rigor to our fund raising and over head costs. We are cautions steward of our funds and take seriously our work to accelerate value education in India. The costs of strategic philanthropy are more expensive, but the long-lasting value created is worth it costs such as an educated and professional staff, the use of modern technology, sound financial systems and appropriate support and supervision of staff enable us to better add value to beneficiaries.

Accountability and transparency

We hold ourselves to high standards our stewardship over the funds you donate. We maintain more rigorous international grant control standards as set by Government of India. Even thought as a public foundation, we are not required to do so. That includes maintaining financial control over the grant we receive. Every grant and program spending decision is by a committee. we have investment criteria we look for a strong leadership, sound financial controls, innovative thoughts of teaching and learning.

Once approved, committed funds are held in reserve. All our expenditure is conditional based on meeting milestones. In this way we also ensure the successes of our investments. We ensure that the money invested fullfills, all the neccessity of the children of the Madarasa (Institution).For this effort of work the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX was grant 12A, 80G certificates to our organization. If you donate rupees to our trust, your donations are exempted from income tax under section 80G of the income tax act, 1961.

President Speech

Al-hamdollilah ! by the grace of allah ?this organisation is serving the poor and the distressed people of our society since 7th december 2007. I am the part of the society where the majority of the people residing in villages and towns are living below the poverty line and even they dont have basic necessities of life. Now let us take a look of the life of the people living in cities, where unfortunetly living conditions are much different. If we examine their family size ,we find a very painfull situation more

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